How much revenue is your business losing each week or month from phone calls that are missed, unanswered, abandoned or that are unreturned?

Depending on your average sales value, missing a new enquiry can be very costly. Would you even know where to start in getting the data of unreturned calls?

A phone call is someone wanting to reach you when they need you the most. They are looking for a quick response. Missing that opportunity means they could easily go elsewhere.

With Call Analytics from our partners such as 8×8 or Akixi, Raw can even provide unreturned call analysis for businesses wanting to use Microsoft Teams for their business phone systems.


Unreturned Call Report


Unreturned Call Report Example


An unreturned call report is easy to understand. It produces a list of numbers who have tried calling you over a set period, (today, yesterday, this week, last week) and the call was unanswered or abandoned.

The unreturned missed call report is also able to work out if the number has called back and subsequently been spoken to by your team.

The unreturned report is also able to:

    • Highlight when the unreturned calls have been called back successfully, on a call from your phone system.
    • Highlight if the caller has tried to reach you again and has resulted in the call being answered by your team.
    • Work with your phone system and tell you who it was in your company the caller spoke to, listing their internal extension number.

With this list of calls provided by Akixi or 8×8 reporting functionalities, you can proactively manage all your incoming calls, and eliminate missed business opportunities.


Call Analytics


Call Analytics - Phone System Wallboard Graphic


Phone system analytics can be a great measure of how your business is performing. If you can get these call statistics quickly and easily, then the data can be extremely valuable in improving your offering and growing your business.

Reporting, that we can provide from 8×8, Akixi, can also integrate with Voice for Microsoft Teams. Call Analytics starts from often the most valuable report like the unreturned call report, but can grow into full functioning contact centres, monitoring agents, calls queues, average time to answer, and many more.

It provides useful KPI’s you can monitor your company’s performance on, generating bespoke wallboards for around your office.

Our call analytics solutions can also offer businesses valuable advanced features like speech analytics and Omnichannel customer support or contact centres.


Speech Analytics

Users can review a full spectrum of customer interactions and listen to the most important ones, rather than a random handful that have no predetermined context. Allowing Audio data to be searched and analysed for customer insights, compliance, and agent performance to improve your customer experience.


Omnichannel Customer Service / Contact Centre Analytics

Omnichannel monitoring is the ability to add all your customers favourite channels of communication, such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Website chat along with your phone calls.

The various methods of communication to be monitored and managed centrally by a team of trained agents on one unified platform that consolidates everything into one single interface.



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