The way businesses work has changed massively in the past few years, and businesses need to adapt their communications strategy to fit a more hybrid business environment. Providing employees with business mobile phones is a great way to keep control and systems unified across your workforce.


Business mobile phones can also be a great way to increase productivity and ensure people are always reachable when they’re working remotely or visiting customers. But that’s not where the benefits end, here are some other benefits of providing your team with mobile phones.


Keep your business connected

With cloud computing solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) being mainstream for many businesses means that by adopting the right applications (apps) on your mobile means that your business and still receive emails, work on documents and make and receive business phone calls during a power cut or if your business broadband develops a fault.


Cost savings

Business mobile contracts present an affordable alternative to commercial solutions. When all your company mobiles are under one roof, enabling you to reduce operating costs.


Pooled data

A massive advantage of providing a company mobile phones is pooled data which lets you share your mobile data plan with other members of your business. If one user needs more than his or her share, the pool will cover it to keep everyone in their normal usage patterns.


Unified billing

A business that depends strongly on the use of mobile phones and other mobile technology needs consolidated billing to keep its costs streamlined and contracts aligned, multiple contracts and providers make a hard task, even more complex.


Quality mobile devices

A benefit of business mobile contacts is the ability to choose mobile handsets. With so many different handsets available on the market, there are many options for businesses. It doesn’t have to be a top-of-a-range iPhone. Raw provide more business-ready handsets at a fifth of the price of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series that still allow employees to use all the functions they need for business but save the company money.


Hassel Free Management

Speaking with the networks directly can be frustrating as well as time-consuming. Businesses often benefit from having a reliable partner managing their business mobile account. We provide dedicated account managers, in-house support, and other resources to ensure that our clients get the communications platform they deserve.


Unified business mobile solution

When it comes to consumer mobile phones or single business user accounts, however the problem is that there are so many different types of contracts, mobile providers, handsets, and rates. Businesses can avoid this confusion by using a single network for all employees with a consolidated list of devices and consistent terms for each user.


Lone worker protection

Businesses that employ remote workers or have employees that work alone on the road this is a common problem in many industries like care workers, hauliers, and construction companies. Using business mobile phones allows your workers to be protected, with GPS tracking and emergency contact details if something should happen.


Some of the many benefits of company mobiles, including cost savings, disaster recovery, unification and futureproofing are outlined above. For more information about how our solutions can improve your business operations and communications strategy.

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