Choosing the right business telephone system (PBX) gives you improved access to serve your customers, helps your team collaborate and your business grow. Raw is ideally placed to help you discover how designing the right call management and the perfect phone system will allow your business to thrive.

let’s us clear up a few of the names and acronyms our industry uses to help you understand your choices and why Raw can find you a cost-effective business telephone system built to with flexibility and your future in mind.

What is a PBX?

Business Telephone Systems – Hosted PBX. On-premises PBX. Cloud PBX. Virtual PBX… what do they really mean?

Well, let’s start with PBX.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It’s a private telephone network that a business or organisation uses for internal communication and call management. In essence, PBX allows businesses to control what phones ring, as well as when and how you transfer them.

So what about Hosted, Cloud & Virtual PBX?

Well, these solutions provide an alternative to purchasing, installing and maintaining expensive On-Premises PBX yourself. Raw delivers a fully-functioning PBX system out of the box using VoIP technology over your internet connection. Raw’s Cloud PBX phone service is simple, affordable and flexible.

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With our PBX system, all of your employees can use the platform whilst enjoying access to the same functionality. Modern PBX solutions now operate from varied locations and conditions. This allows office workers, remote and home-based employees, travelling staff and engineering teams to share the same PBX features – no matter where they are located.

Develop and grow at your own pace. Raw Virtual PBX means that you can implement the features you need as and when you need them. Our simple management and deployment platform means further extensions and features can be installed when the time is right for you.

With Raw phone systems, there is no need to buy, lease or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system. This means that we are usually able to save businesses up to 70% compared with investing in a traditional PBX system.

Get everything your business needs from Raw – your one-stop communications partner. We will supply, install and manage your phones, and all of your calling features. You will get a business phone system that works exactly as you want it to.

Raw owns and manages all of the PBX hardware, software, and upgrades; we’ll ensure the system is secure and up to date.