Call Routing Solutions

Receiving a phone call is a direct link your customers, at a time they want to speak with you the most.

It is vital businesses get their call routing right.

Raw’s call routing solutions allows any business to build an inbound call management plan bespoke to the needs of your business and ensure that the most important calls are always answered by the right people.

Inbound Numbers (or Marketing numbers as they are also sometimes known) give you the ability to a virtual presence in any geographic area of the UK, by allowing you to pick your own 01 or 02 number. While the Inbound Number management portal gives you access to all the analytics you need to see who, when and why people called you.

Inbound Numbers allow you to choose a memorable 01, 02, 03 Or 08 number for your business. The feature-rich control platform gives our call handling solutions flexibility, scalability and speed of implementation and can work alongside existing business telephone systems to fill that gaps that your business is missing.

Inbound Numbers are affordable for businesses of any size, each number comes with the following call routning features as standard:

Call Routing Features

Control of you own numbers, anywhere at anytime.

Analytics and ROI for marketing purposes

1-2-1 routing, hunt groups or simultaneous routing

Rule and controls like voicemail to email

To your email

Send you calls to different locations at different times of the day

So you do received calls when you are closed

So you know what the inbound calls is about before you answer

Secure call recording of all calls

(Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for accounts etc)

Advanced Service Designer

As well the standard features Raw inbound number platform also has its own bespoke designer to meet the most complex call routing needs and volumes.

Advanced Service Designer | Rawcom

Call routing can help solve business problems, here are some solutions we have implemented

Raw has the experience of implementing hundreds of call routing solutions from giving a geographical presence to a typical tradesman with a van who previously advertised just used a business mobile phone number.

  • Marketing departments and agencies wanting to monitor ROI on individual marketing campaigns or calls from pay per click advertising.
  • Absence lines for, schools, warehouse and logistics companies needing to have an accurate log of calls received, but also help reduce absenteeism by allowing each department to speak with their actual manager.
  • Disaster recover for vital business numbers that need to route to various locations to avoid interruption in service.
  • Customer survey lines to get inbound caller feedback from a caller before the hang-up to rate the effectiveness of the call and Conference calling facilities, with a recording of all conference calls.