What are the benefits to a VoIP Telephone System? 

Crucially, it is a matter of necessity due to Openreach’s 2025 scheduled turn off for copper voice services.


What is a VoIP Telephone System?

Business Telephone Systems have changed considerably over the years. Perhaps the most significant change, thanks to VoIP, was the adoption of cloud-based telephone systems. These have allowed end users easier access to more features, whilst making them more affordable too.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology very simply allows you to make calls over the internet, your internet connectivity, rather than having dedicated phone lines. A VoIP Telephone System will also separate a telephone number from a physical location, allowing end users more flexibility and location independence.


So here are Raw’s top 5 Benefits of a VoIP Telephone System:

1) Scalability

VoIP Telephone Systems allow businesses to scale use requirements very quickly (up or down if needs be). This means you only pay for what you need.  Raw can ship equipment on next-day delivery, that will arrive working, meaning all you need to do is plug in and away you go.


2) Flexibility

Adding user features to a cloud-based VoIP Telephone System couldn’t be easier. Features like Call Recording, Auto-Attendant or Professional on-hold Messaging, can be turned on or off and tailored swiftly to your business requirements.


3) Mobility & Remote Working

Remote Working and Mobile Applications provide the ability to make a call from your mobile that will still display as your main office telephone number. This means that whether you are in the office, at home or even out and about, you can make and receive calls whilst maintaining a professional image.


4) Cost Effective

By switching to a cloud-based VoIP Telephone System, you will be combining your telephone lines, equipment and telephone system maintenance into one simpler and often lower monthly cost.


5) Futureproof your business

Adopting a VoIP Telephone System will not only future-proof you from the Openreach 2025 switch-off, but it will also give your business easier access to new features and collaboration tools as they become available.


If you would like to chat with one of our specialists about how a business telephone system would work for your business, get in touch! Even if you think you are stuck in a contract, Raw may be able to help.

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