Business Mobiles from Raw Communications

Renewing your business mobiles is simple right?

You want the latest handset, with unlimited everything over the shortest possible contract at the lowest possible price! Well yes & no. Yes these are key elements. But no, a good solution should deliver so much more.

Raw has consistently delivered and improved mobile solutions for our customers for over ten years now. The majority of which I’m delighted to say we still serve. We didn’t achieve this by solely by saving a few quid here and there whilst flashing the latest and greatest kit. We achieve this simply by listening, looking and being trusted.

Let me explain

We talk and we listen! Our passion lies in delivering solutions of value, solutions that work and ideally improve your business. We listen for where your existing solution is not working. It may be price, it may be handset, it may be support, it may be management, it maybe coverage, it maybe all of them or something else.

We listen for what you and your business are trying to achieve, be it growth, flexible working, compliance, stream lining processes, or simple communications. We listen to your preferences, bugs, past experiences. You get the picture.

We look at your existing solution, the equipment and spend and yes we crunch the numbers, boy do we crunch the numbers. Spend, data, txts, minutes, roaming spend, etc, etc.

Once we’ve done that we offer you a solution from one of our chosen providers. Providers we have chosen based on our ability to secure unique commercials for our customers. Providers with the fastest most reliable networks and providers we can rely on enabling us to resolve any issues quickly for our customers.

The end result is a solution that’s tailored to every customer, that the customer is not only going to get the best kit and price, but one that is going to deliver true value to their business from a partner they can trust!

To find out more about our Business Mobiles Packages please give us a call on 0345 121 0206. Or drop us an email on