63% Cheaper ISDN Lines with Raw Communications

BT is increasing the prices of its ISDN lines yet again.

Raw Communications provides significantly cheaper ISDN lines to the many companies that still have them. ISDN is a tried and tested telecommunications solution for a lot of businesses. Although seen within the industry as somewhat going out of fashion, the benefits of ISDN are valued by the many businesses that still use it.

Whilst we daily help customers make the transition to newer VoIP based technology solutions, we believe firmly in helping our customers when the time is right for them not us. So at Raw we are committed to keeping our ISDN prices low to ensure our customers nether feel pressured to move until the time is right for them.

We deliver ISDN via the BT Openreach network so our circuits offer the exact same reliability and performance standards as all the major carriers, just at a fraction of the price from a trusted partner. Things get even better with migration to Raw a seamless process without any interruption to your everyday business life.

Find out more visit us at www.rawcom.co.uk

Save 63% on ISDN Lines with Raw

To take advantage of this reduction in your monthly costs please give us a call on 0345 121 0206. Or drop us an email on hello@rawcom.co.uk