Considering Moving Office? There are 2 key telecommunications questions that you need to ask yourself.

In the modern business world, computers, telephones, mobiles and broadband are the lifeblood of your business. If your phones can’t ring and your emails and internet are offline when you are considering moving office, then you can’t operate.

It cannot be overstated just how important it is to have the right telecommunications partner when you are planning an office move. Delays and downtime can grind your operation to a stop, not to mention the financial consequences for your business.

Hearing about horror stories and bad experiences was the driving force in writing this article. Often telecoms and data are not even thought about when considering moving office, but the two questions that we pose below may influence your thinking when planning for a successful move of your telecoms and data.

[1] Is your new location still provided by the same Openreach Exchange as your current office?

Towns and cities have multiple Openreach exchanges, if you are moving from out of your existing exchange then you cannot keep your existing number as a traditional analogue or ISDN telephone line. The solution will require planning and may even mean your existing equipment is no longer compatible for your new office. This can result in un-budgeted and unexpected costs in your move, or a change to your main business telephone number.

[2] What speed will my data connection be at the new site?

If your new premises has a worse internet speed than your current office, this can be frustrating for users. However, if connectivity is vital to how your company trades, or your IT solutions and software require a certain speed to function properly, then it’s no longer a frustration, but a hindrance on your business. The cost of purchasing a dedicated internet connection to solve the issue can run into hundreds of pounds per month. This may not be in your budget and can suddenly make a cheap rent deal expensive.

We hope you have found this information useful and if you want any further advice on any of the points that we have covered, then please call us on 0845 1210206