Moving office… Here’s a phone and data checklist to help you.

Following on from our last blog where we gave advice on what to check for when moving office from a telecommunications perspective, we thought we’d follow it up with an office phone and data checklist. It’s very important to make sure your new premises have the IT infrastructure you need before you make the move. So here is a checklist of items to consider for your relocation.

[1] Review current lines and capacity to check if you need to order more phone lines or convert to different line types.

[2] Check if your current phone system can be moved and can grow to the requirements you have in your new premises.

[3] Get prices from three local telecoms providers to check the competitiveness of keeping your current system or replacing it.

TIP – Many telecom providers partner with one particular manufacturer and that solution may not always be the best fit for your requirements. This is why it is good to compare three different options.

[4] Order or transfer your phone lines dependent on your requirements and new solution. It is best to try and keep the lines and calls with the same provider you use for your equipment if possible, for ease of management and trouble shooting.

TIP – Be aware of long lead times. It is common that lines can take up to 6 weeks before installation. So try to allow at least 8 to 12 weeks from you ordering your lines to when you actually plan to move premises.

[5] What kind of growth are you planning for the next 3 to 5 years? This may also determine whether you need to consider a new system when you move office, as upgrading after a move can still be as expensive as moving in the first place.

[6] Telecoms is a fast paced industry, so look at any frustrations you may have on your current system. You may find that there are solutions for these issues that will make your business more efficient.

[7] Try to plan for your data circuit to be installed at least a week before you move. This will allow you to move your IT network more efficiently. It will also mean your IT department can make some of the configuration changes ahead of your move.

We hope you have found this information useful and if you want any further advice on any of the points that we have covered, then please call us on 0345 121 0206