With the Christmas holidays looming, if you are going abroad are you set up for roaming?

Before you go overseas download an app that monitors how much data you are using, it is difficult to know how much data you have used as it is invisible and you cannot see it. A free app we would recommend is “My Data Manager” as this not only tracks how much mobile data you have used, it separates WiFi and most importantly mobile data used whilst roaming. This way you know exactly how much roaming data you have used.

In modern business it is becoming more and more necessary to travel abroad. When you travel you take your smartphone to keep on top of emails, research information via the web, download boarding passes for your plane etc, so being set up properly is vital to keep costs down.

Now when in the EU you use your UK allowances, so we need to look at data usage in the EU and the Rest of the World as 2 separate solutions.


From the 15th June 2017 when in the EU when you use minutes/texts and data in the EU they come out of your UK monthly allowance. This is great however you need to remember when in the UK you are constantly using WiFi where available on your phone to save your data. You also need to try and connect to WiFi as much as possible when in the EU so you do not go through all your monthly data.

If WiFi is not available where you are, and you think you will use a lot of data please contact your mobile phone provider and we can recommend the appropriate options based on your needs.

Rest of the World

Using data in rest of world can be very expensive in some cases as much as £6 per MB used. You need to plan in advance and speak with your mobile phone provider to let them know where you are going, for how long and although this is a guess how much data you think you will use. It is better to go for too much data then too little, as it is significantly cheaper to pay for data before you use it, than to pay as much as the £6 per MB.

Different networks have different options for when you travel, most will offer daily, weekly or monthly bolt on options for data. All 3 of the main network carriers have data roaming bolt on options.

EE offers the most secure solution it will not allow you to use mobile data whilst abroad unless you have the necessary bolt on in place to cover your needs.  If you run out of data it will take you EE’s data roaming landing page to buy some more. This prevents Bill shock as you are in complete control of how much you spend on data and know in advance how much you have spent.

So if you are wanting more roaming information for when you travel abroad this Christmas, give us a call on 0345 121 0206