Do You Have a Flexible Office

This week has seen the UK receive a long overdue heatwave or what I personally like to call glorious weather. However whilst like many people I love the heat, I have to admit sat in an non air-conditioned office all day is not so enjoyable. You need a flexible office.

Luckily at Raw we’re able to break free of the possible communication shackles an office can bring. Such as “Who’s going to be there to answer the phone”. Our communication platforms enable us to work from pretty much anywhere. All any of our employees need is a reliable internet connection and away they go.

They can easily make and receive calls on their mobiles, home phones, tablets, laptops of even simply take their office phone home. All while maintaining the same call routing whilst they are in the office and continuing to show only their office number.

That’s just the tip of the cool iceberg really, with many of our other internal systems available from anywhere also.

Same Efficiency, More Flexibility

So whilst it’s great to have a office with an energetic and fun environment to turn up to every morning. It’s also fabulous to know that as and when we choose we can work from wherever we choose. A flexibility I’m delighted more and more companies are adopting when possible.

Some companies such as are taking it a step further and ditching the office altogether in order to embrace a truly distributed global team. are gaining significant advantages from a global operation, such as access to top class talent wherever it may reside.

So if your office is still chained to the desk by it’s communication platform perhaps it’s time to consider a more distributed and cost effective solution and gain the same freedom many will have been enjoying over the last few weeks.

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