Try our Hosted VoIP Telephone System

Our hosted VoIP Telephone System offer flexibility, quality and value for money as you only pay for what you use. With our Hosted Cloud PBX, businesses no longer need to worry about the significant cost of managing and maintaining on-premise communications systems. Our future proof system allows your voice communication to be over the internet.

So as you physically lose the landlines and telephone system from your office, we give you a cloud-based web portal to replace your old hardware, allowing you to manage your communications from a singular platform more efficiently.

This provides you full with programming and control of your very own telephone system, as let’s be honest, who knows your businesses communications better than yourself? Also, our support team will gladly assist you with anything you do not quite feel 100% confident in applying yourself. We’re only a phone call away after all.

There are lots of benefits that our Hosted VoIP Telephone System can bring to your businesses communications? Here are just a few that will guarantee to make your business more efficient and productive.

The Benefits of our Hosted VoIP Telephone System

Location Proof

The Hosted PBX is free from the usual ties of BT Openreach’s exchanges so it can be deployed where you require, with the telephone number your business wants with no compromises.


Essentially the solution is unlimited; you can increase the users as and when you need to, and alternatively decrease the users as easily also. This makes sure you’re paying for exactly what you’re using, instead of being stuck with lines that aren’t being utilised.

Selective Call Forwarding

Allows users to decide who reaches them, at what number, and when.

Pre-Integrated Services & Features

Are pre-built in and can be licensed to any site when needed: call recording, call reporting, call centre functionality, conferencing, Call Transfer, Hunt Groups, Music on Hold, CRM integration and many more.

To find out more about our Hosted VoIP Telephone System please give us a call on 0345 121 0206. Or drop us an email on