Sensible and Practical ISDN Advice

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) was launched by BT in the late 1980’s, This was the pinnacle of business grade services at the time and allowed calls and connectivity, long before the Internet as we now know it was publically available.

As technology has developed new ways of delivering faster internet has been made available but the ISDN network has remained the back bone of business telephone lines in the UK.

Back in 2015 BT announced it intends to stop selling new ISDN services by 2020 and shut it down the network completely by 2025. But with an estimated number of active ISDN line still at over 3 million, there is still a lot more work to be done.

So what does this mean for ISDN users?

The good news is the replacement technology voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been around for over a decade itself only failing to make a mass impact due to being let down by poor internet  connectivity.

VoIP is a flexible service that can be delivered to premise as Session Initiation Protocol better known as  SIP trunks that connect into a traditional on premise telephone system or can be delivered to businesses premise directly as a cloud based phone system removing the need for a telephone system in your office.

Things remaining ISDN customers should consider?

Raw has already seen scare tactics being used by some telecoms companies to try and capitalise on this news and scare businesses into moving early and replacing an existing telephone system that currently may still have some good life left in.

Connectivity is also still a big consideration, there are still some business parks in UK that without purchasing dedicated internet connectivity like a DIA, Lease Lines or EFM service a VoIP just still would not work.

Raw have been advising our customers on the natural milestones that any business should look at that make good business sense to consider the switch from their ISDN service Things like;

If you currently lease a telephone system and the commitment is coming towards the end,  or if your current ISDN rental contract is coming to an end you might not want to commit to a new contract without looking at the benefits of switching.

Also if you are looking to expand your current ISDN telephone system, look at switching then before you invest in something you might have to rip out down the line. Or if you are planning to relocate your office look at the switch then, also consider connectivity when you relocate your office is it going to be even more important in the future.

Will your current system be too old for the switch? Many on premise phones system currently installed are only given a manufacturers life span of circa 5-7 years before they product is superseded by a new model meaning that some exiting system won’t have parts available to upgrade to VoIP.

So if you are wanting sensible and practical ISDN advice on what is the best solution for you, give us a call on 0345 121 0206