Moving Office? Is your telecommunications fit for purpose?

Computers, telephones, mobiles and broadband are the lifeblood of the modern business. When moving office, if your phones don’t ring, if you can’t access emails or the internet, valuable business could be lost. It cannot be overstated just how valuable your telecommunications partner is when it comes to moving office. Delays and downtime can grind your operation to a stop, not to mention the financial consequences for your business.

At Raw Comms we have put together some key tips on what to consider with your telecommunications when it comes to moving office.

[1] Is your new location still provided by the same Openreach exchange as your current office? This is important as towns and cities have multiple Openreach exchanges. If you are moving out of your existing exchange then you cannot keep your existing number as a traditional analogue or ISDN line.

[2] What speed will my data connection be at the new site? You’ll need to check if your new premises has a worse internet speed than your current office. If you are suddenly running slower than usual, this can impact on your business.

[3] Work out where people will be sitting and map out where the computers, printers, telephones etc are going.

[4] Assess the existing voice and data networks at the new site and identify what can be moved, what needs replacing and what extra cabling points are required.

[5] Check if there are sufficient power outlets for the devices you are going to need at each workstation.

[6] Confirm the current server room meets the minimum requirements that you need.

[7] Confirm there is sufficient telephone capacity to the building to provide the lines you will need as this can cause delays on install times as Openreach won’t give an install date until the line capacity is established.

[8] Not all buildings offer great wireless/mobile potential due to the building structure. Ensure you check mobile network coverage before the move and also that you will have sufficient WiFi coverage with your planned WiFi hotspots.

We hope you have found this checklist useful and if you want any further advice on any of the points that we have covered, then please call us on 0845 1210206