SoGEA Broadband for Business

Superfast SoGEA fibre broadband empowering your businesses digital technology

Our SoGEA product offers upto 80Mbps Download speed and upto 20Mbps Upload.

Superfast Fibre

£40 per month

Features and Benifits

SoGEA business broadband, is ideal service for the less data intense businesses or branch sites with less that 10 users.

Business Provider

We purely service the business community freeing you of residential users meaning you get as responsive, fast and reliable service.

Flexible Contract

We offer our businesses 12, 24, and 36 months contracts, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Cost Saving

This entry level broadband product, is ideal service for less data intense businesses or under 10 users.

UK Support Team

We provide our customers with access to email or phone support to a UK-based technical team for service and support as well as named account manager.

Download Speeds

Our SoGEA broadband packages deliver download bandwidth of up to 80Mbps, ideal for smaller offices of under 10 users.

Seamless Transfer

We will provide you with personalized account management as we work to help your business transition smoothly to your new broadband.

Single Order Generic Ethernet (SOGEA)

SoGEA is delivered to your premise by using a conbination of fibre to from the exchange to the street cabinet and then the final leg is deliverd on copper from the cabinet to you premises.

This Internet connectivity product replaces the old Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) version, SOGEA is still not avaialbe for every UK business, this service is now seen as the entery level connection for a business replacing the older service of ADSL with superior speeds.

SOGEA Internet connectivity offers speeds of up 80Mbps download abd 20Mbps upload guarentee as the service is contested.

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