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Business Broadband, Internet or Connectivity

Whatever you call it, don’t get caught out treating business broadband just like any another utility service.

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Business Broadband Connectivity

It is easy to just think of your internet connectivity as another utility, just like your gas or electricity. However, when choosing or thinking of changing your internet or broadband provider, it’s not simply a case of receiving a bill with a different logo and getting the same product. Instead, there are many different types of connectivity. It is therefore important to have the right product installed for your specific needs.

On top of the different product types, there are also different tiers of carrier. Some are huge global brands and some are microbusinesses with next to no infrastructure. There are products with service level guarantees (SLA’s) and ones without, contention, future proofing, the type of services and the devices you are going to use on your connection all make a difference.

Furthermore, broadband connectivity in the UK is a bit like a postcode lottery! So the product you want or need might simply not be available in your current location. If you are planning to relocate, we also recommend that you put connectivity at the heart of your search for a new location.

Our business broadband products

We have split our broadband connectivity products into two sections.

The ones with SLA’s and the ones without.

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