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Voice for Microsoft Teams

With over 280 million users Microsoft Teams is the market leading communications platform for business, adding your phone system into this already accepted work environment has many benefit for business check out our voice for Microsoft Team solutions.

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Already using Microsoft Teams for internal company communications

Let us show you the options of adopting Microsoft Teams as your phone system

Voice Plugin for Microsoft Teams

Seperate Cloud Phone system with appliction that works within team

Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

A cost effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Native MS teams dialpad with additonal benifits not avaialbe from Microsoft

Which Voice for Microsoft Team option is right for you?

Adding voice into Microsoft Teams your might seem a logical option to consolidate all your communications into one Widley used interface, but there are a number of ways that that you can enable voice for Microsoft Teams.

Some solutions offer a voice plugin for Microsoft Team which appears to work within the app with launches web browsers to handle voice and video outside of teams but allows users to work in one piece of software on their mobile or desktop.

Other solutions like direct routing for Microsoft Teams or operator connect for Microsoft Teams offer native integration into the voice for Microsoft Team environment with more cost effective options than M365’s calling plans.

Solutions like direct routing or operator connect also offer additional benefits to business that aren’t available in the normal voice for Microsoft Teams like Microsoft Certified Cloud Contact Centre, Pre-built integrations for major CRM and Business Productivity Apps to support Microsoft Teams and Advanced telephony and contact centre analytics for Microsoft Teams.

Also meaning no phones left behind.  Think of the phones in your organisation, like meeting room, warehouse, door access that don’t have an email address or Microsoft 365 licence, by using an external cloud phone system to enable your voice for Microsoft Team we can ensure no phones are left behind.

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