Openreach PSTN, ISDN and Broadband switch off 2025


ISDN and PSTN switch off is fast approaching. Are you going to be impacted?

In 2017, Openreach announced that they would be switching off the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) withdrawing all products that rely on it by 2025.


Which services are given EOL status by Openreach in 2025?

Analogue Phone Lines, ISDN2 circuits and ISDN30 circuits – These three products are all types of WLR copper phone lines.

Also being withdrawn at the same time are two popular broadband products, Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Users of these services will need to have migrated to an alternative product to avoid losing broadband.


Why are Openreach turning off ISDN and PSTN?

The copper network that powers the analogue PSTN and ISDN services has been in service for decades and with users requiring more and more broadband bandwidth, Openreach has made the decision to move services to an all-IP (Internet Protocol) network instead.


What will happen to card payment terminals, alarm lines and other services that require a PSTN line after 2025?

These services are also going to need to move to IP technology.  Alarm companies, payment terminals and any other equipment using a special service must be checked for compatibility to IP services with the equipment manufacturers.


Can I still buy PSTN and ISDN services now if I really need them?

Yes, currently you can still take new PSTN and ISDN services up to Openreach’s stop sell date of September 2023.  However, choosing to use an alternative product now, will future proof your service.


Still unsure what this means for you?

We totally understand, please get in touch and Raw will happily check the types of products and services you currently have. We will also provide you with some sensible and practical advice on the replacement product and the best time to swap.


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