Project Onboarding Team 

Our Project Onboarding Team understand how critial a seamless transition of services from your current provider to another is but rest assured we have done it hundreds if not thousands of times.

As a customer of Raw our onboarding team will give you a dedicated named contact who will manage the process that all new customers or projects for additonal services follow to ensure smooth set-up or migration.

The onboarding team will cover the whole journey from initial sign-up to service avtivation and first use. the onboarding teams aim is to deliver our values to you as early in our partnership as possible.

Onboarding isnt just about teaching you about your new solition it is to allow us to put your goals at the heart of our process. What do you need to achieve and what does a sucessful implementation a look for you.

We pride ourselves on the customer experience so having dedicated onboarding contacts allows us to give our customer one single point of contact pulling everything together.  Once your services are fully live the onboarding team will start the handover process to your account manager as well as introduce you to the Technical Support department.