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Broadband, Phone Systems and Mobile Phones

What we do

Through decades of experience in the industry, we have honed our Business Broadband, Telephone Systems and Mobile Phone service offering and develop powerful managed solutions around these services. We can support your business’ growth by offering reliable, affordable and flexible products.

Raw delivers collaborative unified communications tools providing efficiency to your business through a carefully managed service. Our solutions are designed with ease and speed of use in mind, we have even created a solution finder so you can quick tell us the key information we need and then we will find you the perfect solution for your requirements. leaving all the “techy stuff” to us!

Through ongoing account management, technical support, and onboarding teams our customers have the reassurance that their business communications are in safe hands! You can focus on running your business (or making that important phone call!).

Our Philosophy

Respect, transparency and value.

These three elements underpin our philosophy which is centred around you.

Whilst technology continues to evolve, our core principles are unchanging. This means you can count on our commitment to keep your communications simple.

As a Raw customer, you’ll receive the best value solutions for your needs, and always benefit from the most advanced technology.

This approach sets us apart from our competition and consistently delights our customers; over 90% have been with us for over 3 years, and many considerably longer.

These long-term relationships start with our consultative, zero-pressure approach, where we listen to fully understand your needs. From here, we develop trust by proactively adapting our services and offering you support and advice when you need it most.

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