Starting in March 2024, new regulations require businesses to implement evidence-based processes for card payments, especially over-the-phone card payments. Failure to comply with PCI 4.0 could lead to sanctions, fines, and significant reputational damage.

To navigate these changes, Raw offers a PCI-compliant over-the-phone card payments via a solution called Anywhere Secure Call, the newest addition to our Anywhere Product Suite of our hosted phone system solution.


Streamlining Business Practices

Anywhere Secure Call is designed to simplify PCI compliance and transform the card payment landscape. It’s cost-effective, easy to set up and flexible. Built from the ground up, it ensures active adherence to compliance standards by preventing the storage of customer payment card details in recorded voice communications.

The solution intelligently routes all transactional voice calls to a designated, PCI-compliant segment of its network automatically. During a PCI audit, businesses need only demonstrate the compliance of this specific component, streamlining the process. This approach isolates relevant voice traffic from the broader network infrastructure, effectively reducing the scope of compliance challenges.


Flexible and Accessible Pricing

Anywhere Secure Call is priced on a per-user basis rather than a per-transaction percentage, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. From small businesses with a single seat to enterprise call centers with hundreds of seats, this solution meets diverse organizational needs.

Additionally, Anywhere Secure Call can integrate with a CRM database to automate the entire process, ensuring comprehensive coverage.  Make sure your business is prepared for the upcoming PCI 4.0 regulations with Anywhere Secure Call.

Over-the-Phone Card Payment

Over-the-Phone Card Payments


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