Do you know the difference between Internet and WiFi? Firewall and Router? Aren’t they all the same thing? Don’t worry! How these services are sometimes advertised by providers can be confusing, so let us help you.


So, what are they?
Here are Raw’s descriptions of the four key elements to help you. 


WiFi is wireless connection.

It links your devices (computers, tablets, printer, smart speakers, and other smart devices) to your office’s network router and firewall. Before WiFi existed, all devices had to connect to the network via cable.


Firewalls are network protection.

They are part of your office computer network that protect it against harmful and unwanted data. The Firewall inspects the data you are receiving to decide how it should be dealt with. Some small office solutions may find their firewall is part of the router itself.


Routers connect the network to the internet services.

They are devices that connect your computer network to your internet service provider. In some larger multi-site organisations, it can connect their computer networks.  


Internet is the World Wide Web.

It is the service you purchase from your internet services provider that allows you to connect to other devices, software, and websites all around the world. It can also be referred to as broadband or connectivity. 


That all sounds great, but why does that matter to me?


Technical terms are not easy to remember and are sometimes not part of your job! We appreciate that. At Raw, we believe that helping you understand some of the basics, means you, as a customer, can make a confident and informed decision.


In various ways and for different reasons these four technical terms are the root cause of most issues. Carriers, who provide these services, do little to help customers understand which parts are causing the issue. Customers are often offered a one device fits all solution, providing multiple aspects identified above (e.g A Router with built in WiFi and Firewall). These all-in-one devices may not be suitable for your office network, building layout, security requirements or may not be powerful enough. Ultimately, it will only be your business suffering.


Simply moving your broadband to Raw may not fix any issues you are experiencing, but we can build from here using our experience and knowledge to understand your business and solve the causes of your problems.

Being frustrated, stuck on hold at a call centre, speaking to someone who has no idea about your office network or how your business works, and is struggling to identify why you are not working, is where we can help you find a better way.


If you are struggling with your Internet or WiFi, get in touch today. We are happy to have a no-obligation conversation. Even if you are still in contract with your current provider, we still may be able to help. Just call 0345 121 0206 or email at