On the eve of December, we thought it would be good to share our best practices for getting your Phone System ready for the festive period.

Make sure you have a clear plan of what you want your phone system to do and when.

So, ask yourself these important questions: 

What are your Opening Hours and are they changing?

It’s common for your business opening hours to change over the Christmas period and business closures due to public holidays.

It is important that you make your customers aware of these changes! 

No business wants customers ringing and ringing your office when you are closed. Adding a simple message to your phone system will help take care of this problem.


Do you need a specific Voicemail Greeting?

If you plan to send calls to voicemail when you are closed, its also best practice to update this greeting.

It is also a great time to wish your callers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Depending on your requirements, you may also choose to restrict messages being left while you are closed.

Asking customers to email any queries, will eliminate lots of stress when you return to work in the New Year. 


Does your business have Seasonal Offers? 

Using a Raw professional on-hold messaging service can advertise your festive deals to your incoming callers! 


What Happens When Christmas is Over?

With the right planning and phone system, your configuration can be changed back to normal in a matter of moments, so you can return to your normal business activities hassle free.

If your business is still hampered by an old phone system, where features and flexibility are limited, make it a New Year’s resolution to contact Raw and give your business the communications you deserve!


If you are already a customer of Raw and would like to discuss your festive period phone system scheduling, call 0345 121 0206 or email support@rawcom.co.uk